‘The unnamed cartoonist in Alex Fellows’ Ice Cream has just purchased a fancy refrigerator he can’t really afford. I think most of us will empathize with the financial soul searching, credit card juggling and marital discord that follows.’

-Heidi MacDonald, The Beat.

‘Fellows’ line work is clean, his characters are expressive, and the watercolours are just icing on the cake. This story could have been a total drag, but the artwork makes it something much better than it could have been.’

- 9to5 (dot cc)






‘Spain and Morocco is the touching story of two roommates who, tired of their mundane existence, drop everything to travel through Spain and Morocco. They live it all: cramped hostels, beautiful beaches, rough hangovers and interesting people. Their journey is slightly strange, but completely unforgettable and life-changing.’


‘(Spain & Morocco) is a crazy book that shifts its gears several times, to ever-more bewildering effect (…) From the very beginning of the book, both of these characters fully capture the desperation of horny young men in all its unpleasantness. Their behavior is never portrayed as cute or excused as just boys being boys, and there are consequences for their actions. They also don’t understand that their lives, tedious though they may be, were at least insulated by a certain set of rules.’

-Rob Clough, High-Low comics


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