Self-encouraged poster illustration for the forthcoming Paul Thomas Anderson movie, Inherent Vice. It was inspired by a scene in the novel. 11 x 14, really nicely printed.

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This poster features every Woody Allen character from his movies, spanning 26 different incarnations over 45 years.  Has any other actor played a robot, a mobster, AND a magician? I didn’t think so. When starting this project, I feared having to draw him over and over, but I really loved it. Here’s to you, Woody!

You can buy this poster! It’s 11X17, very high-quality paper, and mailed in a tube.

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This poster was done to work out some ideas that had been bubbling up while watching one of my favorite movies, Eyes Wide Shut. It is the first of a series of illustrations intended to support my theory that Kubrick intended his movie to be seen as a chess game.  Without sounding like the guy in Room 237 who sees Kubrick’s face in the clouds, I can safely say that if you are an avid chess player and a fan of patterns and puzzles, you will pick up the clues and hints he left for us throughout the movie.  In this first part, I set up the pieces, divide the teams, and lay down the conceit.

You can buy this poster! It’s 11X17, 160 gram ‘dull’ paper (a bit thicker than your average poster), and mailed in a tube.

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CANADA: 18$, shipping included. BUY NOW!

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